David Jablonski



Born and raised near Vienna, David grew up surrounded by books and building blocks. He switched from building blocks to building things on the computer at age thirteen, making posters and events for an event he organised at school.

Side projects were always more interesting than the classroom and he has since embraced every opportunity to learn new things, working with leading media companies as well as small business owners, international human rights organisations as well as local education and performing arts institutions.

David has organised film premieres and conducted interviews with leading designers, including Peter Biľak, Timothy Goodman, Aaron James Draplin and Fidel Peugeot. He is a member of designaustria, Creative Industries Styria and D&AD.

He believes designers have a responsibility to provoke positive change and is actively pursuing projects in the fields of social, political and environmental activism.

David studied Communication Design in Graz and London, writing his bachelor‘s thesis on the role of design in a world on the verge of ecological collapse. He worked at edenspiekermann_ in Berlin as a design intern. And when he is back home, he returns to the building blocks.


Design is a tool – a tool for provoking change, telling a story, fostering community or meeting business goals. My process is highly adaptive to your specific projects needs. What doesn’t change is that my projects are always based on mutual trust, open collaboration and the underlying goal of provoking positive change. Get in touch and learn how we can make this tool work for you.

Selected Reading

Intern Experience: Growing Together for edenspiekermann_ 6/2019

RAMS – Film Premiere hosted by David Jablonski by IDK FH Joanneum 2/2019