David Jablonski


Raising awareness for human rights

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization based in London focused on human rights. With over 7 million members and supporters worldwide, they are always looking for innovative ways to raise awareness on an issue. We were asked to create an impactful campaign that works online and on the streets, dealing with one of the cases Amnesty is currently campaigning for.

As part of a driven group of 10 people from diverse backgrounds, I helped shape the campaign #iamlistening. We sketched, discussed, built props and went to Central London, making a film along the way.

We chose the case of Ni Yulan, a human rights lawyer fighting for housing rights in China. We researched, discussed and sketched how we could communicate the concept of home and what it means to lose your home on the streets of London. After a lot of back and forth, we decided that the real issue was the fact that the Chinese government isn’t listening to Ni Yulan and her collegues. As such, we decided to base the campaign on the hashtag #iamlistening.

We went to a number of places, starting on Leicester Square, moving on to Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, back to China Town and then onwards to the South Bank & London Eye. The day was a success – we got over 150 signatures and talked to a lot of people. I made sure to instantly publish photos on our Instagram account. But most importantly, we got some fantastic footage.
As one of two cinematographers on campaign day, I was then responsible for making a concise, impactful film, employing animations and scripts created together with other team members.

Final Product

Client: Amnesty International

Year: 2018

Tags: Campaign  Non-profit  Film 

This project was made together with Caroline Ditter, Celine Spans, Daniel WS Kim, Elizabeth Rose, Emily Bryant, Emily Cope, Jack Li, Kelly Conklin and Lisa Daughtrey