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Gymnasium Klosterneuburg

A collective signature for curious humans

Gymnasium Klosterneuburg, a public middle and high school, has a long-standing tradition of offering excellent education to a large number of students (currently 1260), with a diverse and international team and educational opportunities. The head teacher and her team asked me to rethink the old logo and create a new brand identity.

We started with an in-depth research phase, followed by a series of workshops dedicated to agreeing on the brand values that would be at the heart of the new visual language.

This was followed by an extensive proposal phase, which involved multiple drafts and presentations made to the client. One of the major challenges was to find a mark that would be flexible enough to adapt to the diverse set of projects, initiatives and ultimately people at the school.

In the end, we solved this problem by creating a visual language we call our “signature”, a set of shapes, colors and typography that come together to form the new school identity. An identity that is energetic, elegant, has the school community at its heart and is flexible enough to be used across various media and applications.

How the brand values come together to form our new handwriting – an identity that is friendly, clear, honest, curious, in motion, excellent and diverse.

The introduction of the new identity included me giving a presentation in front of 130 teachers explaining our new “signature” and its derivation from the school’s mission.

Since the launch, the new identity has been used on posters, signage, invitations, booklets, clothing and large-scale building applications. It has proven its flexible quality and has quickly been adapted by the school community.

The website, which I’ve been working on for a couple of years, has been updated to match the new look as well.

Client: Gymnasium Klosterneuburg International School

Year: 2018

Tags: Branding  Identity  Web  Print 

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