David Jablonski


An exhibition design within borders

un_frei is an exhibition, designed and curated by Julia Krenn, Bettina Fink, Philipp Temmel, Yannick Lung and myself. The concept was created as part of the Information Design course at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz.

Over the course of five months, we came up with the content and brand strategy and made 3D mockups showing what the finished exhibition could look like. I made two videos to accompany our final presentation.

The concept was very well received. Thanks to the whole team and our mentors Tomislav Bobinec, Erika Thümmel, Eberhard Schrempf and Karl Stocker. I'm very proud of what we accomplished. It would be fantastic to turn it into a real thing now.

Client: University Project

Year: 2017

Tags: Exhibition  Space  Branding  Film  Identity